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What this Blog about ?


This blog is about the creative and not so creative ideas, the successful and not so successful implementation,  the useful and the not so useful strategies that I have executed throughout my career. This blog shares the ideas originated by myself inspired by the people, the difficulties, the events that I encountered throughout my daily life and career. Some ideas are acquired by the books that I have read. Most important of all these blog shares upon the execution results with you. This is why I have decided to name this blog as " Ideas & execution".


In this blog, I have categorized my ideas and the execution results into a few main topics including, sales, marketing, management, negotiation, and investment...



Who am I ?


Have lived in many different countries throughout my life, including Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the United States. I have taken on many different roles in many different industries throughout my career. After graduating from Cornell University with a  Masters degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering. I went to work for IBM as a marketing application consultant, where I was exposed to database management, marketing strategies, and web analytics. My second role was with an internet startup in Taiwan, where I took on a manager role for the backend software development team and at the same time the project manager to adopt the new ERP system at the company. Then for a short period of time, I went on to start my own company. My company was an agency that works with an Israeli technology company to carry its product in Taiwan. Later not finding success in my own company, I went to work as an insurance broker, applying the web development skills and digital marketing skills that I have acquired in my previous positions. After a few years, my next stop was with a concierge service company working as a business development manager, mainly working with financial institutions to provide concierge services to their wealthy VIPs. Currently, I am with a printing press manufacturer working as a marketing manager leading the global marketing operation...


Daywey Chen -
Sales, Marketeer, Project Manager and Consultant
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