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Is there a good way to pass out brochures to people on the streets? (part 2)

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

With the same presentation, the same action and the same product could lead to

success if delivered to the right audience at the right timing, and leading to failure if not.

Targeting the right people at the right timing could increase your chance of success, however it is not guaranteed. The formula to success includes many factors working simultaneously together.Sometimes success could be reached easily with some luck. However, most often success doesn't come easy, countless days and nights of hard work. Though many trials and errors...yet, you may not succeed.

Going back to where we left off in our last article about targeting the right people. Knowing that finding a populated area to distribute brochures was not enough, I started thinking about where would be a good location to find a more suitable target audience.

In the end, I picked my next two test location to be 1. children and maternity trade show 2. maternity seminars. The reason is simple. In Taiwan, it is common for parents to purchase insurance product for their new born, its a MUST HAVE item. Furthermore, when it comes to new born, often price is not a main issue because nowadays where the family size are growing smaller and smaller in Taiwan: family usually have on or two kids when compared to my grandparent's generation where it is common to have more than five children in the house; parents seek for whats best for their children, even if its a little over budget.

Children and maternity trade show and maternity seminar helped me overcome a few of the issues(few meaning not all issues were overcame) that I have encountered while I was distributing the product brochures at the populated MRT(metro) station.

People going in and out of the MRT station has a destination that they are going to, and they have no reason to stop for me .

Issue Solved - At the maternity trade show and seminar, people are here to look for products for the newborns or to be borns. This is their purpose of being present at this location at this particular time. They are here to stay at the event for a certain period of time.

They are not interested in the product, why should they carry an extra thing in their hands?

Issue Solved - Mom and dads are here to pick up production information, they are already in a rhythm of picking up information whether they are interested or not. I am not disrupting their rhythm.

In terms of the amount of product brochures that I was able to pass out, the result was much better when compared to the result I got at the MRT station. However, there are a few issues that I haven't address yet

+ People do not like receiving things that they are unfamiliar with. Maybe its because the fact that people are unsecured about what will happen next if they accept my brochure. Will I continue to bother him? Its the WHATS NEXT that scares people off.

+ People are able to get away from me since its an open area

Besides the two issues mentioned, another new issue also came up.

That is, even though people are picking up my brochures, they aren't really interested in my product offer. Well, at the end of the day, even though an insurance product is an Must Have item for each kid, it is not as interesting as the other products at the trade show or seminar because "insurance is an intangible product". How is it able to compete with the interesting children's book, children's toy's, children's furniture at the event? Therefore, I wasn't able to get people to stop for a few minutes to listen to my sales pitch

In the next article, I'll talk about how I go about to approach these unsolved issue during this time around..

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